Do you Want To Verify If You Were Targeted by Pegasus Spyware?

The list of the phone numbers was not published, so it is more efficient to inspect the devices than relying on a list that might not contain all the numbers.

For that, use the open-source tools published by Amnesty International, the same entity that did the forensics.

Before jumping into forensics, if this is new to you, check the whole story on the journalist group Forbidden Stories. Link:

Then read the full forensics report to understand the methodology. The full Forensics Report can be found here:

The methodology used by Amnesty Internation was peer-reviewed by citizen Lab here: Peer review of the methodology used for forensics:

Now that you have the big picture, check out the tools that will help identify compromised devices. MVT Tools:

I would love to hear your feedback about this kind of short story demystifying cybersecurity.

Thank you.




Cybersecurity Professional, Lecturer, Cryptographer, Martial Artist.

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Seif Hateb

Seif Hateb

Cybersecurity Professional, Lecturer, Cryptographer, Martial Artist.

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