5 Things You Need To Know About The Kaseya Hack

Photo by Michael Geiger on Unsplash

#1 KASEYA is a Miami-based tech company and they make Softwares that allow MSPs to manage IT environments remotely (RMM or Remote Management and Monitoring).

#2 The hack happened on July 2nd, where the ransomware gang “REvil” exploited the zero-day vulnerability on the KASEYA VSA solution.

#3 They were able to bypass authentication, gain admin privileges on the VSA servers, then execute their malicious code.

#4 The ransomware gang asked KASEYA for $70 million in order/to decrypt the impacted devices and /$50,000 for any single endpoints that the customers wanted to decrypt.

#5 Kaseya is planning to publish the official patch by July 11.

I will be publishing a longer article later this week.

Link for recent updates: https://www.kaseya.com/potential-attack-on-kaseya-vsa/




Cybersecurity Professional, Lecturer, Cryptographer, Martial Artist.

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Seif Hateb

Seif Hateb

Cybersecurity Professional, Lecturer, Cryptographer, Martial Artist.

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